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Last Anime Reviews - Yuri!!! on Ice

Yuri!!! on Ice

Since this will be my final blog, I decided to write a review on my favorite anime. Yuri!!! on Ice. Yuri!!! on Ice is a skating anime about a boy named Yuri. Yuri is a skater who competes in a huge skating competition, but towards the final round, he loses. He goes home and meets up with his childhood ring mate and friend named Yuko Nishigori. Yuko is married to their other old ring mate, Takeshi Nishigori, and has three kids with him. They both idolized Viktor Nikiforovs, a famous Russian skater and one of the people Yuri competed against, as kids. Yuri preforms one of Viktor's skating routines for Yuko, he doesn't know that Yuko's kids are recording him. Yuko's kids upload the video online and Viktor sees it. Viktor travels to Japan and becomes Yuri's skating coach, much to his own coaches disapproval. 

I really love how this anime had such an interesting and original plot. I recommend Yuri!!! on Ice because it's a mix of sports anime and comedy. While we see hints of sad things, it's not overall sad. It could, however, go in that direction. I hope the creators don't do that to us. I'm giving this amazing anime 10/10 art, 10/10 sound, 10/10 plot and 10/10 characterization. As you can see and as I have mentioned before, Yuri!!! on Ice is my favorite anime.

While there are currently only three episodes, they're pretty long and worth it. Watching Yuri train, skate and live life in the art style of this anime is truly an amazing experience. If you decide to start watching Yuri now, you can catch up to it. If you decide to watch it later, you'll have more to watch. A win-win situation. If you don't decide to watch it, there are plenty other anime I have reviewed. I'm sure you can find something you'll love! Writing this blog has been super fun and I'll have a disclaimer blog and a final goodbye blog, explaining why too. Who knows? I could come back. Alas, not right now. So, for the final time...

Good luck and happy watching!

Rating: 10/10 

Since this will be my last blog on this website, I will include extra information. Such as: Links to watch this anime and more on it.

All rights go to the creators, Mitsurō Kubo and Sayo Yamamoto.

Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yuri_on_Ice 
Wikia: http://yurionice.wikia.com/wiki/Yuri!!!_on_Ice_Wikia 
Where to watch: http://gogoanime.io/yuri-on-ice-episode-1

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